Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm – from September to June

The AWANA club is held every Wednesday night in the church gymnasium. It’s an exciting & well organised time that is centered around the Bible and Godly character. A fun time for kids ages 4 to 12 featuring Games, Awards, Special Events, Uniforms and Rank Promotions.

The AWANA program is free for all kids wishing to attend. To learn more please call us at (519) 752-5532.



Sunday mornings at 9:45am

Although Sunday School is often considered to be just for kids, we believe it’s for the whole family. Our fantastic Sunday School includes classes from the Nursery through to the Adult age level.

It begins with a morning assembly where everyone, young and old, meets in the main auditorium to sing songs, celebrate birthdays and greet newcomers. This is followed by different events such as sword drills, puppet shows, ventriloquism and lots more. After morning assembly each age group meets in their classroom to be taught lessons from the Word of God. Our Sunday School classes for the younger ages features a creative learning environment with fun work sheets, colouring activities and crafts being part of each lesson. For the adults it is a time of learning lessons from the Bible in an open and interactive setting with our Pastor.

Our teachers really care for each age group and are well prepared to teach from the Word of God. To be sure that anyone can attend our Sunday School we will make transportation available to anyone interested. Our workers are dedicated to making sure everyone has a ride. They will also be sure that you and/or your child arrives to and from Sunday School safely each week.

We invite you to attend this Sunday to join us in on a fun learning time for the whole family. If you are interested in attending this Sunday morning please Contact Us.